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Mindful work, mindful living

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Most of us no longer are satisfied with average when it comes to our own mindset. We've been challenged by the mindful and present people in the world to enter into a zone of maximizing our availability to life, taking advantage of what is possible. How is your mind performing? Are you investing in your mind? The most powerful tool to shift our minds (IMHO) is Love. Energy is actually the quickest way to shift our mindset. Using any approach you want, if you can shift your energy up the energetic ladder - that will result in better mindfulness. No, you say. Mindfulness takes a lot effort and meditation, you say! Well, really it may even take significant effort to shift your energy too, but as long as you find the blueprint to choose that energy signature, the mindset you have with that energy will always be available. Think about one time you were somewhat depressed, then out of the blue something wonderful happened... What happened to your mindset? I'm guessing you didn't have a victim mindset after something unexpectantly good happened. You weren't telling yourself nothing good ever happens to you... (haha). We can choose our energy just like we can choose anything else. How about you try to choose the energy and attitude of love today? Try it on with a co-worker, not thinking about yourself at all, but rather ask them about where they are. Focus 100% on what they are going through. What happens? Try it and then please contact me with the results.

What happens if we choose an attitude, but it doesn't stay? I've committed to myself that I'm going to love my significant other, but as soon as I see them I notice something they have done "wrong"... What happens if in that moment I feel mad at them?

When what we choose and what happens isn't in alignment, its possible we have a limiting belief. There are many ways to address limiting beliefs, but my go to process is as follows:

1. Use sway testing to connect to my inner self and ask if I have a limiting belief.

2. If the answer is yes, I float above my life timeline (virtually of course) and feel the area of my life where the belief comes from. Then I start asking questions...

3. I listen to my mind as my subconscious reveals clues that lead to the limiting belief.

4. I prove the limiting belief wrong in at least one instance in my life.

5. I resend my choice of the limiting belief because its not serving me positively.

6. I offer myself a positive belief that will replace the limiting belief.

7. I sway test to verify I've eliminated my limiting belief.

Then I re-test myself and make sure I don't have any further limiting beliefs.

I express thankfulness to goodness and God who gave me the power to make these choices for myself.