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We believe in you. We walk along-side you and your team. We love creating success with you.

Kevin and Jaime White are a coaching team focused on business results by leveraging the inner-strength of professionals. Kevin's two decades of leadership background working with IT Teams,  combined with Jaime's multi-team business management experience, makes for an impactful force in the businesses they work with. Both of the principle coaches at The White Group have a passion for making other business' teams successful. 

Kevin focuses on one-on-one coaching and has worked under the #1 Wisconsin-based Business Coach (Mark King) for several years. Kevin's experience with IT consulting led him to now work with people instead of the computers - which were often not the source of the real problems in IT organizations. Kevin is passionate about People Services, focusing on the biggest opportunity each company has - their people. Kevin works with team leaders, but also engages powerfully with all ideal team players from the "back-office" to the "hands-on" trenches.

Jaime's passion for business success is unique in the coaching industry. Jaime's lead as many as five teams and ten businesses at once on her journey. She's built businesses from scratch as well as 2xing multiple existing businesses in her parent's storage and construction empire. However, Jaime is most passionate about everyone else succeeding and making lots of money. She uses her intense desire for the team arrangement to figure out a way to multiply any team's output.

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